01.Hear It From The Heart
02.Will You Never Be My Friend
04.Making Up For Last Time
05.Back Door
06.When It Hearts
07.I Will Call You Family
08.Love Is The Glory
09.Breaking Every Stone
10.Wondering How To Cry
11.Ghandi(wE Will Write)
Produced by Ed Stasium
& Brian Spence

Brian Spence : g, b, key, vo
Geoff Dugmore : ds
Gerard johnson : key
Ed Stasium : perc


02.Come Back Home
03.Without Your Love
04.There You Go
05.You Got the Whip
06.Hand in Hand
07.See the Boy
08.Sliding Down
09.Will She Be Home Again
10.My Arms Are Strong
Produced by Stephen W. Tayler
& Brian Spence

Brian Spence : vo, g
Geoff Dugmore : ds
Stephen W. Tayler : woodwinds
Reg Webb : keys
Laurence Archer : g
Graham Edwards : b