01.Come In From The Rain
02.Until The Next Time
03.Don't Wish Too Hard
04.Sweet Alibis
06.I'd Rather Leave Whiile I'm In Love
07.Steal Away Again
08.You're Moving Out Today
09.Shy As A Violet
10.Home To Myself
Produced by Brooks Arthur

ds : Russ Kunkel, Alan schwartberg, jim Keltner, Andy Newmark
key : Bruce Roberts, Peter Allen, Melissa Manchester, Nicky Hopkins, Artie Butler, Marvin Hamrish
b : Lee Sklar, Will Lee, Bob Cranshaw
g : Lee Ritenour, Lance Quinn, Tom Rotella
bgv : Melissa Manchester, Johnny Vastano, Brenda Russell, Bruce Roberts
. . . and others

. . . TOO

01.To Make You Smile Again
02.It's the Falling In Love
03.Peace In My Heart
05.You're Interesting
06.There's Something About You
07.It Dosen't Add Up
08.I Don't Wanna Dance no More
09.One Star Shining
10.I'm Coming Home Again
Produced by Brooks Arthur

ds : Ed Greene, Jim Gordon, Russ Kunkel, Jeff Porcaro
b : David Hungate, Lee Sklar
key : David Foster, Marvin Hamrish, Steve Porcaro, Bruce Roberts, Craig Doerge
g : Steve Lukather, Ira Newborn, Tom Rotella, Lee Ritenour, Jay Graydon, Richie Zito
perc : Steve Forman
bgv : Mike McDonald, Bill Champlin, Bruce Roberts, Alice Cooper, David Lasley, Luther Vandross
. . . and others


02.I Won't Break
03.Just Friends
04.Tell Her
05.Somebody's been Lying
06.On The Way To Sky
07.You And Me(We Wanted It All)
08.Sometimes Late At Night
09.Wild Again
10.Easy To Love Again
11.Stronger Than Before
12.You Don't Know Me
Produced by Brooks Arthur
Produced by Burt Bacharach

ds : Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, Dennis St.John
b : Lee Sklar, Renie Press
g : Lee Ritenour, Paul Jackson Jr, Tim May, Fred Tackett, Neil Diamond
key : Burt Bacharack, David Foster, Ed Walsh, Ian Underwood, Tom Hensley
perc : Paulino DaCosta, Vince Charles
bgv : Richard Page, Steve George, Vennette Gloud, Melissa Manchester
. . . and others